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Introducing ME

Jul. 13th, 2030 | 10:10 pm
location: in my bed
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: introducing me - Nick Jonas

LOCKED. Friends only.
Comment to be added

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My Journal is for Friends only.
Better you introduce yourself for add back :)
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Comeback after a long hiatus.

Feb. 19th, 2012 | 09:47 pm

Hi! it's me Anna :)
I'm not dead thou lol
Just like what you know, i decided to take a hiatus in LJ (and abandon my LJ of course). I took my school as a reason but that's not only the reason. I've been lazy to writing in English since my new class in high school is not based in English like when I was JrHS. I still keep writing in my blog but i used Bahasa btw.
Ah, maybe you a bit curious what have i done until now right (or not)?
Sooo, yup! Here I am. Still the same like the old one. Not change. I still active in collecting JUMP's activity and still love Chinen! lol But maybe now I'm a bit crazy over AKB48. Yupp! THAT AWESOME IDOL GROUP! lol So hyped about them and I crazy over Acchan :) I like her no matter what lol. Sometimes, AKB48's activity shocks me. Especially when they want to make a sister group in my country and GONNA HAVE A CONCERT IN MY COUNTRY WITH THEM! Gosh. Yeah you know. JKT48 thing. They're in my country XD About the concert, gosh, i can't get the free ticket concert. FREE TICKET CONCERT? Yup. It's free. The sponsor gives opportunity to the fans to have a free ticket. But it's limited thou. I've tried to enter the competition, I've given a comment how much i want the ticket but still... I couldn't get it. The reason is simple. I'm not old enough. In my country, we see a person who have reached 17 as an adult. I'm still a kid. Sheesh. The reason is only that simple. Kinda depressing, but i couldn't help it.
Maybe, that's one of my short story to fill this comeback entry lol. I've a test tomorrow and haven't finished study yet lol. I wasted my time to watch VS Arashi special 2012 with my lil bro lol. Btw, i love Super Delicate music, do you have same opinion with me? I bet you do. I keep on singing it whenever and wherever i do. Aaaah, can't wait for the full PV <33

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2011 Things to do & Wish list + Movie to Watch List

Dec. 31st, 2011 | 06:28 pm

Anna's here and she comes back to spam your Friend Page !!! LOL

soooo~ let's start this year wif THINGS TO-DO & WISH LIST !!! *throw conffeti*

Things to-do 2011Collapse )

Wish list 2011Collapse )

Movie to Watch ListCollapse )
Movie to Watch ListCollapse )Movie to Watch ListCollapse )Movie to Watch ListCollapse )Movie to Watch ListCollapse )

yes! finish :')
well, it's very very short. but i'm already satisfied with it. Let's see the result in Desember 2011! ;)
i'll add some as time passes by~

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Happy Father's Day!

Jun. 22nd, 2011 | 03:08 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Koyama Keiichiro - Uri Sarang

I found something in Facebook and i think it's worth for you to know. Too late for post this but i hope you know how BIG is your dad's love :)

Happy Father's Day!

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Jun. 18th, 2011 | 11:10 pm
mood: worriedworried

♥ It's a quick post so i'm going to LJ-cut it. Sorry for spamming. you know me well :)))

♥ If you are NEWS fan
♥ If you have Twitter account
♥ If you are JE fan
♥ If you find this interesting
♥ or you're someone who just passing by

please tweet about

☆ it maybe took your time
☆ it maybe spamming your followers' timeline
☆ it maybe annoying

but why don't you try it?


a worried NEWS fan

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American Idol Season 10 :)

May. 26th, 2011 | 08:45 pm
mood: gratefulgrateful

Just another random stuffs from meeee~ you know, i'm into this American Idol stuff for this one month lately and I LOOOVE IT!!! all the contestants are great! They're unique and they really can sing. XD i prefer this season most!!! But i still like season 7 of course~ :))) I know most of you are not into this western stuff, but i wanna share my feelings to you! soooo, i'm going to post all the finalist who dropped out and where you can download the songs they sang every week. Feel free :D   i don't care my LJ get banned cuz of this, i love to do it! 
I'll updated this post every week :)

See the list here :)Collapse )

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